Simplicity In Action

Originally published on 21 December 2006 as “Sometimes It’s the Simple Tools”.

Sometimes it is really the simple things, used creatively, that can make a day.

Enter two spills, one bulletin board and a box of paperclips.

My client recently moved to a new office, and one of the rules is we can’t hang anything on the cube walls. So my bulletin board has been propped up on my desk, leaning against the wall. I use my bulletin board to hold “my” stuff – artwork, reminders, inspiration.

Today I was more uncoordinated than usual. I bumped the desk, which dropped the board onto the cup of water, which went flowing in the general direction of my keyboard, and then it knocked my unsealed thermos over, from which proceeded a steady stream of coffee onto the floor. These types of spills are not unprecedented around me, so I mopped up quickly with the handy roll of towels. Next I considered how I could stop this from happening again.

My eyes fell on the box of paperclips. So I quickly made a couple of chains and suspended the board by hooking it over the divider. So the board won’t fall over again.

Yes, sometimes it really is the simple things, used in a new way, that can make the day.