Simplify By Defying Gravity

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by Beta-J

Defying gravity isn’t something of science fiction. We can always interrupt the path of something as it falls earth-wise. But did you know you can simplify your life by defying gravity? It’s as simple as hanging things up.

Hanging Up Keys

A survey from Britain estimates that we spend 10 minutes a day hunting for our keys. And as those minutes tick on, our stress and frustration level goes up. If you put a hook by the door and hang your keys on them when you come in the house, you will always know where they are.

Hanging Up Bags

Most of us carry a bag of some sort to work: purse, briefcase, backpack or tote bag. We then drop them on the floor when we get home. Multiply that by the number of people in your house, and you can have a jumble of bags. Put a hook on the wall for each person (labeled) and hang the bags for an easy time to find the bag you need.

Hanging Up Clothes

Clothes that are not hung up get wrinkled, dirty, and in my household, covered in pet fur as the animals try to keep the clothes from flying about the room. All of that leads to repeat laundering. I simplify my laundry by hanging up clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, simplifying everything from clothing care to storage.

Hanging Up Cords

We all have a lot of electrical devices. Some areas in the house have more than others: an entertainment center or desk, for example. And turn your back, and you can bet those cords are all going to knot around each other. Bundling cords and hanging them from hooks or in a specialized rack can keep everything neat and easy to get to should you need to replace something.

Hanging Up A Family Info Center

Having a family means shared activities. Keeping everyone informed can be difficult. Hanging up a family information center can give you one place to store invitations, schedules and other general information.

Hanging Up Shopping Lists

Having one person in charge of the inventory of household supplies simplifies life…for everyone but the person in charge of inventory. Having a central shopping list where people write things down as they use them cuts down on the work. Hanging that shopping list means it won’t get lost in the shuffle of other items.

Hanging things up is a good way to get things out from under piles of other objects. Is there anything you routinely hang up? Share below.

Photo by Beta-J


  1. Ben says

    Get a whiteboard and a dozen non-permanent dry markers (they go missing mysteriously), that’s what we use to collectively write our shopping list through out the week. Then before the big shop, snap a photo of the list on your phone :)

    • LJ Earnest says

      The snapping the photo tip is a great one! That way you *know* you have everything – that nothing got missed in transcription!