Simplify Seasonal Activities With Checklists

Photo by teatimer

Most of us have some sort of seasonal activities that we participate in, from gardening to camping to fishing to home maintenance tasks. By creating checklists, we can save ourselves the effort of having to re-invent the preparation from season to season.

How A Checklist Helps

Checklists are like little bits of external memory, devoted to a single task. You can store them indefinitely. Checklists can help you remember the details that you might otherwise forget by taking knowledge at the peak time of use and saving it off until you need it again.

For me, I prefer not to waste my limited brain energy remembering things I don’t have to think about for six months; and honestly, I have so many memory leaks I will forget something anyway. Checklists give me the ability to relax and not waste the energy remembering imperfectly.

Making A Seasonal Checklist

During Your Activity

The best way to make sure you capture everything on a seasonal activities is to make one as you are doing the tasks. For example, if you are preparing the outside of the house for winter, make a list of everything you are doing, such as “pull in the hoses”, “take down the hummingbird feeder”, “put the porch furniture away.” Next fall you won’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten anything.

As You Are Winding Down

If you need to pull together materials for next year’s activity, make a list as you are putting things away. For example, I opened my camping supply box to find a note of exactly what I needed to put in it, made as I unpacked the camper last fall.

Storing The Checklist

I know I am a big proponent of digital stuff, but having a checklist where I can’t fail to miss it helps. Keeping the camping packing list in the camping box means I never have to remember to use it; it is in my face as soon as I open the box. Keeping trip packing lists in the suitcase also means I don’t have to think about it. I just do what is natural (opening the suitcase) and find the information I need.

Do you have any tips for seasonal (or other checklists)? Share below.

Photo by teatimer