Simplifying Getting Enough Water

Wednesdays are simplicity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by Svadilfari

I am perpetually dehydrated. I can tell this because my skin is dry, my cuticles are dry, I am often fatigued, and often thirsty.

Yet I cannot seem to remember to drink more water. I’ve been looking for a new way to do this, and I think it applies to forming any new habit, so I thought I would share.

Use a timer. while I have used timers for many different things throughout the years, it has never been as a reminder to do something. In this case, I have a timer set up to chirp every hour, on the quarter hour, so that I remember to drink a glass of water.

Here are some things I did to make sure I would heed the timer:

  • I used a timer that would reset itself. I never have to remember to set the timer for the next interval; the software does that automatically.
  • I use a device that is always with me. I am rarely without my iPod Touch. So I use that device to handle the timers.
  • I use a sound I use nowhere else. I know the sound belongs to the water reminder, so I never get confused with other sounds.

Is this perfect? No. I still find myself slipping into a habit of ignoring the timer. But it’s the simplest method I have tried so far. Any suggestions on how you build a new habit that requires multiple times per day? Share below.

Photo by Svadilfari


  1. Chris P says

    The only method that I’ve found which works for me is to fill up my water bottle right after I go to the bathroom. I try to drink a liter bottle in between each bathroom break. It’s a wonderful perpetual cycle!

  2. says

    For me, I carry a water bottle around with me everywhere – even from room to room in the house. It’s filled in the morning, first thing when I wake up, and it needs to be re-filled one more time during the day.