Software Review: LifeTopix


What if I told you there was a piece of software out there that allowed you to freely link planning, shopping, finances, notes, travel, projects and more together? And not only that, but integrated with iPhone/iPod Touch built-in calendars?

This is the intriguing premise behind LifeTopix.






LifeTopix Home Screen

LifeTopix Screen

You can see that this is a wide-spread application. Why all the applications?

Steve Marcie from LifeTopix explained this to me when I asked: “This product grew out of the recognition of our own needs for a single, integrated app that handled all the aspects of our busy lives. We knew that starting out with all the 12 topics as we did was very ambitious. However, we knew from past experience building products at our previous companies that the alternative (i.e., starting with one topic and then integrating news ones as we went along) would result in a less well-functioning product.”

I understand what he means. As a software developer myself, I know how challenging it is to take a product and add modules.


The thing that LifeTopix does, and does well, is linking.

Let’s say you have a event coming up, a child’s birthday party. You would start an event item, and put in the date and time. This automatically puts it on the calendar. Then you set up the guest list, which loads from your contact list, and sets up an RSVP area. You can set up your shopping lists directly from the screen, listing items you need to buy, along with the stores you need to visit. Then you can add tasks in, like “send invitations”. You add a bookmark to a site for buying a pinata – never leaving the application because it hooks into the browser. So everything can be done from the event itself.

Now here’s the power of linking: you go back to the main screen, and your task shows up in the task list area. Your items are in your general shopping lists. Your people area shows which people are tagged for what events. Bookmarks all appear together. Your calendar items are grouped, and they can be sent to your iPhone calendar.

I’ve only scratched the surface with this. You can enter in recurring payments, bills, health goals, education information and courses, home and asset information and travel plans.

The Downsides, With A Caveat

The one thing I was conscious of, going through LifeTopix, was how much it contained. You can get anywhere from anywhere. And the main screen can be very overwhelming. My first thought was that it was very complex, and it would be very difficult to get a lot of information in on a tiny screen.

I brought this up to the developers, and was told that the next version, currently in final testing, will have customizable dashboards and a way to enter…from a Mac. Alas, us Windows users are out in the cold for now.


I have to say that I am impressed with what LifeTopix is doing. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution that does life management in one place, this is the software for you. It’s power and ease of use make it the best software I have seen that attempts to link various planning functions together.

Software Information

LifeTopix at the AppStore
Price: $4.99
Author: LightArrow, Inc.


LightArrow, the author of the software, provided me with a free copy of the software to enable me to write this review.