The Productivity Commandments

Mondays are productivity days at SimpleProductivity blog.

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And the website opened up, and they were pleased to behold a new set of wisdom, shining before them. It shone forth on them, bathing them in a white glow from the screen. And thus it read:

  1. Thou Shalt Write Everything Down. For without the writing, the memory shall lapse. And a memory lapse will beget forgetfulness. And forgetfulness will beget not getting things done.
  2. Thou Shalt Not Multi-task. There is one task before thee, and thou shalt do it with thy might. With several tasks before thee, thy attention whilst be split.
  3. Thou Shalt Batch Whenever Possible. Thou shalt be efficient and reply to emails together; and there will be harmony and less transition time.
  4. Thou Shalt Take Breaks. For even the mightiest must rest; the sword gets dull without sharpening.
  5. Thou Shalt Have Redundancy If thou trustest thy life to the electrons, thou shalt have backups.
  6. Thou Shalt Customize A System For Yourself. Each of you is unique; and thus each one shalt need a unique system. No one system shalt work for the masses.
  7. Thou Shalt Not Focus on Productivity For Productivity’s Sake. Thou shalt remember it is not about doing for the sake of doing. If thou tweakest the system too much, it will be at the expense of your fruitfulness.
  8. Thou Shalt Not Do Meaningless Tasks. For thy time is precious; thou shalt not waste it.
  9. Thou Shalt Not Do Too Much. Thou hast limitations. To recognize this is good.
  10. Thou Shalt Remember That Productivity Is A Means To An End. For thou hast embarked on this journey for a purpose, and that purpose is not to run around the racetrack more times, but rather to harvest time to do other things.

And it was good.

Photo by oseillo


  1. Jason says

    I’ve already failed at #1. I an terrible at writing ideas down and sure enough, I never remember them. Just a lingering feeling I’ve lost something incredible.