Todoist: A Web and iOS Task Manager


Recently, another task and project manager came across my desk. I agreed to review it because I was interested in seeing how it stacked up against other software I had been looking at.

ToDoIst is a project and task manager that works on iOS, and has a web component to make it easy to use. Written by Ist Apps, it is a step in the right direction for managing projects; however, it is not without it’s drawbacks.

The application breaks things down into projects and tasks. Projects can be nested, as can tasks. There is no concept of a next action, though, and all tasks and projects at the same level are treated as independent.

The project entry screen is very easy to use. Both on the web, as well as in the application. The application gives you the option of colors, which I find nice. However, when you enter a project, it automatically goes to the bottom of the list.

On the iPad, it was easier to set the indentation of the project. On the web, you had to see the arrow icons on the right of the project to indent.

You can rearrange the projects and tasks as you wished, but this would be difficult to do on the iPad with a very long list.

The application sends email reminds of things that are due, but I found the emails singularly unhelpful as they were almost plain text, and little to distinguish what belonged where.


  • Web entry gives you access to the information
  • Sync options were straightforward and automatic
  • Email reminders are a plus
  • Simple options for entering projects and tasks makes it very straightforward


  • using web entry on the site while on iOS gives you only those features available in the iOS version.
  • The email reminders are rather bland
  • I was unable to find Help information in the iOS version
  • The iOS version allowed a level four to be added under a level one without adjusting
  • Reordering projects and tasks is done in a straight list without any indication of level
  • The recurring task option is not hinted at in the Web version, and only by guessing was I able to figure out what it should be on the iOS version.
  • There is no way to copy tasks from one project to another.


The iOS version of this application has a long way to go to equal the features of the website. Both web app and iOS app should have the same feature set to make it easier to do what you need to do.

While Todoist shows promise, I don’t think it is where it needs to be to be a strong contender in the project and task marketing app market.

Software Information

App: Todoist
Author: Ist Apps
Price: Free; premium option available

Disclosure:Ist Apps provided me with a free copy of the premium software to enable me to write this review.


  1. Kira says

    Todoist is a good tool, but I prefer something even simpler like Comindware task manager which offers graphic workflow which makes it easier for me to organize life.