Simplify The Holidays by Using Fabric Gift Bags

Fridays are tip days at SimpleProductivity blog.

Photo by Matti Mattila

With our major gift-giving day approaching rapidly, I realized that I haven’t wrapped anything yet. And then I remembered that I don’t wrap presents anymore.

Santa’s Gift Bags

A few years ago, Santa, knowing that I try to be green, presented us with some fabric gift bags. Made out of holiday-themed cotton fabric, these bags came in all sorts of different sizes, and had drawstrings made out of ribbon. We re-use these bags every year for gifts we give each other, leaving a few by the fireplace for Santa to wrap up the gifts he brings.

Making Fabric Gift Bags, Elf Style

Looking at these elf-made bags, I see that the elves used a very simple pattern. Sew a pocket for the ribbon to run through on the top of the bags, then stitch up the sides and bottom. Thread a piece of ribbon through the pockets and tie on each side so that it doesn’t slip out.

Reusing the Gift Bags without Mixup

We reuse the gift bags, attaching paper tags made from repurposed holiday cards. This cuts our waste down from bags of wrapping paper into a handful of tags that can be recycled.

That Santa, he’s a pretty smart and green dude!

Photo by Matti Mattila