Using Resources Wisely

This week is Laziness Week at SimpleProductivityBlog. I am off being lazy, and taking advantage of the post-ahead features of this blog.

Another Angle on Laziness

Another article caught my attention about laziness. This is a different way of looking at being lazy, but the premise is not from an organizing viewpoint, but a productivity one. It started me thinking. Isn’t being lazy/productive/organized all about using your resources wisely? Let’s look at this from a Resource perspective:


This boils down to being more efficient and more effective. Don’t do what doesn’t need to be done, and cut the unnecessary stuff out of what is left. This may require more work up front, but it will pay off quickly. You may have more initial effort, but the effort in the long run will be less in total.


If you have to repeat something, you have not been effective. Write things down. Don’t look things up twice. Don’t write the same piece of code more than once. Reuse whatever you can to cut down on the effort.


Recycling materials is about turning them in to be boiled down and put into a new product. In terms of productivity, this can mean taking ideas from one place and seeing if they will fit another. Or perhaps seeing if a new routine will work. This sort of thinking outside the box can be difficult, but sometimes you may find that the tool you’ve been using can be replaced with something different and better.


Our time and energy are resources we can use. It does not help for us to squander our resources needlessly. Let’s be a little more conscious of how we use our resources.