Using Your Free Square

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There is a game known as Bingo. You receive a card with five columns of five numbers each, and you listen to a caller give out the columns and try to make the pattern given.

The center of the Bingo card is a free square. It’s a square that counts as marked off, not dependent on any numbers. It allows you to get a Bingo with four numbers instead of five. Most people don’t value that free square fully; they use it without thinking what it is or what it means.

We have free squares in our lives too. These are the abilities and talents that are innate, and that we can do without thinking or putting in much effort.

We can actually harness the power of our own personal free squares to make life a bit easier.

Finding Your Free Square

First of all, you have to think of what your free square is. Is there something you do effortlessly that others seem to struggle with? Are you lucky in any particular way?

My daughter can find four-leaf clovers. I have seen her find up to 10 an hour. I have found one in my life, and that was because it was free of clovers around it, and hanging out over the sidewalk, plainly visible.

My husband can take things apart and put them back together. This includes carpentry, plumbing, wiring, flooring and more. I won’t describe my abysmal skills in this.

Our friend Marty can pack a moving truck so that everything fits and there is no space for things to slide. Let’s just say I have poor spatial skills.

My great-aunt Gladys won things. Small appliances, drawings for gift certificates, and once, the lottery.

I grasp computer languages and software quickly and thoroughly. I also “see” the relations that objects have to each other.

What are you skilled at? Is there something you can do that others can’t? Write some ideas down.

Using Your Free Square To Streamline Your Life

We need to go with our strengths. There is value in trying to improve weaker areas, but that is a lot of struggle. When you go with your strengths, you are not fighting against your natural abilities and things go quicker.

The way that you parlay that into making your life easier? You play your strengths.

For example, my husband handles the home repairs. I handle the organization and computers.

Sometimes you may not be able to figure out how to apply it. You may be able to trade your talent for someone else’s talent. Or perhaps you are meant to use it in a different way, such as using your won appliance to expand a skill set. My daughter trades four leaf clovers to her friends for small things like erasers or pencils or flowers.

Just because something comes easy to you doesn’t mean you should overlook it. Use those skills in different ways and play to your strengths.

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Photo by sarae