What Would Your Ideal Day Look Like?

It wasn’t too long ago that I ran across a concept that stuck with me. Unfortunately, I can’t find the source. The question was posed: “What would your ideal day look like?” and then encouraged me to make my real day look as much like possible to my ideal day.

I’ve been thinking about this on and off, and I decided my ideal day would involve:

  1. getting up early
  2. doing my daily reading
  3. walking the dog
  4. getting ready (and getting my daughter off to school)
  5. getting the 15 minutes of housework done, along with cleaning up the kitchen
  6. an hour of blog reading
  7. two hours of writing
  8. lunch
  9. two more hours of writing
  10. getting my daughter home, helping with homework, piano etc.
  11. dinner
  12. family time
  13. an hour of reading

The thing that struck me is that there is no outside-the-home job involved here.

I started to incorporate ideas into my daily life starting last week: numbers 1 to 4 were consistently done, and I was looking for a solid habit to be formed.

But what happens when you are forced to have your ideal day? More on that tomorrow…